The BMDC Dance Program is designed for children of all ages who have the desire to learn the disciplines and enjoyment of dance.

Barbara Miller Dance Center embraces both the serious and recreational dance student, providing a quality dance education in all disciplines. Our student philosophy is to strive for one's personal best in our fun and nurturing atmosphere. Students leave our school with a creative sense of themselves. They value the importance dance plays in their lives and the artistic community at large. Studying dance at BMDC promotes self confidence, passion, and goal-oriented success through performing.

Mommy and me (ages 18 months – 2.5 years) 30 minute class  Let your child shine . Ballerina Time is the best opportunity to make new friends and learn how to have fun with the basic fundamentals of creative movement.

Pre-Ballet I   (ages 3 to 3.5) 45 minute class  Enjoy and learn the basic fundamentals of Ballet and creative movement in this fun filled class.  Your child will learn basic coordination and body awareness as well socialization.

Pre-Ballet  II (ages 4 to 4.5)   45 minute class Enjoy and learn the basic fundamentals of  Ballet, creative movement and half way thru the year basic tap skills will be introduced in this fun filled class.  Your child will learn basic coordination and body awareness as well socialization.

 Kinder Dance 1 hour class.  This class was designed for the Kindergarten Student.  Students develop a solid foundation for dance.  They study Tap, Ballet, and Jazz, while acquiring basic skills to promote strength and flexibility.

Ballet:  Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance.  It is strongly encouraged that all students participate in Ballet.  This form of dance helps dancers to gain strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, which are necessary in all forms of dance.  This technique is also great at enhancing students’ athletic abilities in various sports

Tap:  Tap is a rhythmic form of dance that allows students to create specific sounds through intricate movements of their feet. They also develop and understanding of counting music and making noise.

Jazz: Jazz is a contemporary form of dance that is usually performed to highly energetic music.  There are many different styles that can be incorporated into this technique. This class focuses on coordination, balance, flexibility and strength.

Hip Hop:  Hip Hop is a street style form of dance that is performed to energetic music. Learn how to isolate parts of your body, do tricks, develop strength and do choreography to today’s hottest most popular muType your paragraph here.

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